Finished with Pimsleur Norwegian!

Hei alle sammen! 
I dag vil jeg gjerne å skrive på norsk. Jeg skal prøve å skrive mye på norsk i loggen min uten Google Translate eller en ordbok!

Jeg studerer også Assimil Le Norvegien Sans Peine. Jeg er på leksjon 19 nå. Noen av temaene er elg, snø, vær, frokost, en sjømanns betraktninger, samarbeid, ekte vennskap, kaffe og kaker! Det er et veldig underholdende kurs!

I dag har jeg ferdig med Pimsleur kurset!!! 🙂 Synd, jeg kan ikke si mye ennå.
Jeg kan snakke om mat, drikke, reiser til Norge, venner, barn og tall. Ikke så mye!

Hello everyone!
Today I would like to write in Norwegian. I’ll try to write a lot in Norwegian in my log without using Google Translate or a dictionary!


I am also studying Assimil Le Norvegien Sans Peine. I’m on lesson 19 now. Some of the topics are moose, snow, weather, breakfast, a sailor’s reflections, cooperation, true friendship, coffee and cakes!  It is a very entertaining course!


Today I finished the Pimsleur course!! 🙂 Too bad, I can not say much yet.
I can talk about food, drink, travel to Norway, friends, children and numbers. Not so much!


Write 3 sentences where you try to use as many of the words which in English are spelled with capital letters, and in Norwegian (and as far as I know also Swedish and Danish) are spelled with regular letters as possible.

1. Han er en riktig nordmann, men han snakker godt engelsk.
2. Neste fredag​​, vil det være den syttende mai.
3. Jeg liker ikke januar, er det for kaldt og ufyselig.

1. He is a proper Norwegian, but he speaks good English.
2. Next Friday will be the 17th of May.
3. I do not like January, it’s just too cold and nasty.


I am really enjoying learning Norsk. I’m not sure how badly my accent is butchering the language, but it is really fun to get my mouth around a booming, emphatic sentence of Norwegian. It is also fun following my fellow Vikings‘ logs. Even though the majority of you seem to be studying Swedish or Danish, I can definitely follow along with my ground level Norwegian! It is so exciting that by learning one Scandinavian language, it is almost like getting “three for one”

Now that I have finished the Pimsleur course, I’ll plan on concentrating on Assimil full time. Hopefully I will be able to complete a lesson a day, but we shall see… stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “Finished with Pimsleur Norwegian!

  1. How would you rate both Assimil and Pimsleur methods? I am curious as I have never used them and would consider if given the right incentive. Rosetta Stone is just too expensive and not something I’m interested in pursuing.

    • Pimsleur was great for pronunciation. Unfortunately, Norwegian only has 1 “level”, so at the end you only learn about 200 words. Plus, it is pretty expensive in its own right. I was lucky as my library had it!

      Norwegian seems to be one of Assimil’s better offerings. The only caveat is that it is in French. My French isn’t great so I have been using Google Translate to look up words that I’m not sure about. I recall that Assimil teaches around 2000 words in the course so that should be a respectable start! I’m only on Lesson 25 right now and I can get the gist of news stories and podcasts. I have heard good things about the Teach Yourself course as well, but I haven’t used it.

      Stay away from Rosetta Stone! It is expensive and really won’t teach you the language!

      • That’s for the reply. Been really trying to figure out which method is best to use. But I guess in the end it’s best to not just use one format of learning. I’ll probably give assimil a try and add it to my current learning techniques. Thanks again and keep learning.

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  3. Hi! After some good consistent and commitment I’m am now in lesson 13 of Norwegian! (Pimsleur) Im super happy with what I have learned so far. Since there are only 30 lessons. Do you have any suggestions on how may I continue my studies?
    I saw you wrote about another program. But I don’t speak French. Is it as good as Pimsleur? Takk

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