We have been outed by the New York Times!!

The New York Times has published an article on polyglots in the online community:


It is a good, quick read about polyglots and how the internet makes it easy for us to connect.   A few things I found interesting:  polyglots have an increased incidence of being left-handed (I’m not) and being homosexual (also not). I do have the ability to play any musical phrase by ear even though I have had no musical training. I wonder if this somehow is linked with polyglot ability?

People often accuse me of having a photographic memory (which I certainly do not) but I do think polyglots find “anchors” (mnemonics or visual clues) to help them remember things easily. It works for languages as well as for other things (like remembering the 12 Cranial Nerves).

Reading the article reminded me how I have been accused of working for the CIA many times, which I do not. I have also been cautioned to stop checking out Persian and Arabic books from the library multiple times by multiple people. They feared that I would be black-listed as a suspected terrorist and shipped off to Guantanomo! Quite silly really!


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