I’m baaack BABY!! Wǒ huí lái le bǎobèi! ! 我回来了宝贝!!

I’m baaack BABY!!
It couldn’t last long.  I missed Mandarin too much.  Perhaps I just needed to write the post on burning out to get me pumped again?!  Who knows, but I’m back plugging away at Mandarin and loving it!
I think I have definitely learned my lesson as far as trying to accomplish too much.  I am now simply doing a tiny bit every day when I feel up to it.  I have been listening to the Chinese101 podcasts which are great!  They give you a small 10 minute helping of Chinese a day.  This is so manageable and enjoyable.  It also works really well while driving or doing housework because there is no book to worry about.  I would say that my goal is to get through Pimsleur by “x” date and get through the Elementary series of Chinese101 by “x” date… but I’m NOT!  Right, this goes against everything that I’ve ever preached and abided by.  No goals and no deadlines!  I really think that this is key with a conquest like Mandarin.  If one tries to do too much, too quickly burnout will be inevitable.For any of you who need some comic relief, I recorded a short video of myself speaking entirely in Mandarin.  I did it unscripted but tried to keep it brief so as not to continue to repeat the same things over and over and over ….  (which I ended up doing anyway! 🙂  ) It was harder than I thought it would be …  You can see it here:


Please!  Constructive criticism is welcomed!   I will try to do one of these every month or so to gauge my progress.


2 thoughts on “I’m baaack BABY!! Wǒ huí lái le bǎobèi! ! 我回来了宝贝!!

  1. I’ve just seen you in action on Youtube. Brilliant! I am a Chinese teacher and trust me — your speaking is fluent and highly communicative. 2 months — this performance is outstanding.

    You are natural and confident in speaking, and your word boundary is very clear. You don’t have problems with some difficult consonants. You have achieved a high level of fluency.

    You could also try the OU resources:

    Only one point — 我结婚了 — you don’t need to use ‘shi’ 是 — in this sentence. Just ‘wo jiehun + le’ — I’ve got married.

    • YAY! Thanks for the kind words! I’m taking a short break from Mandarin to concentrate on Georgian (of all things)… But I’ll be back to Mandarin soon enough. It’s definitely one of those lifetime pursuits..a marathon, not a sprint if you know what I mean. 🙂

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