An Update on Benny

A while back I wrote a post on Benny Lewis and his attempt to learn Mandarin Chinese in 3 months. He wrote me a comment on my ” Shi Shi “poem post which reminded me that I wanted to check in on his progress!

He put a video up on his own site showing his progress which you can access here:

I may not be the best judge, but I think his progress is truly impressive.  In the video, he has a nine minute unscripted conversation with his tutor entirely in Mandarin.  Sure, there are some mistakes;  but to have a continuous conversation like this after 40 -odd days of study? Those are some amazing results.  He also has some videos from his first few weeks there and it is very interesting to watch his progress from barely listenable to very comprehensible.

It is kind of sad. He apparently had to disable comments on his You Tube site because the comments were getting so nasty ( and he was getting spammed so relentlessly!). It is almost as if the thousands of Mandarin learners who put in thousands of hours of Mandarin Study are somehow jealous of his progress and are rooting for him to fail! (?)  Crazy…    Anyhow, nice work Benny.  I can’t wait to see where you are in another 45 days!



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