Confusion of the day:

Confusion of the day:

For the word  “family” Pimsleur uses ” jia-ren ” about half of the time and the other half of the time they use the word ” jia- li” ? HUH??!    The word for “children” used in FSI is háizi but the word used in Pimsleur it is xiǎohǎr?  There are also different words for “son” : nanháizi vs. er-zi and “daughter” : nǚháizi vs. nǚ’ér .  Hmmm.   Hopefully “confusion of the day” will not become a recurring theme here… although there seems to be much that is “vague” in Mandarin.   For example, each character can have 7 or 8 different meanings depending on context.   I do believe the different words are regional variants and Pimsleur is based on a Beijing dialect vs the “Standard” dialect of the FSI course.

I will say that I am really enjoying the “speaking” aspect of Chinese.  The tones are an absolute blast: more on this at a later date!

Progress: up to Lesson 22 Pimsleur
Module 2 Unit 3 FSI Standard Chinese
Lesson 10 Beginning Chinese Reader..


One thought on “Confusion of the day:

  1. Aha! I had it explained to me…

    jia = home
    ren = people
    jia ren = people at home => family members

    li = inside
    jia li = (at) home => “family” in an abstract sense, not specifically referring to the people

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