Nem áll készen az ősszel!!!

nem áll készen az ősszel



Autumn has hit here in the northeast US with a vengeance!  Thus, the title Nem áll készen az ősszel which roughly translated means: I’m not ready for autumn!!


Hungarian, sadly continues to take a backseat to life.  Everything is crazy-busy, plus hosting my family in town last week meant not much time for Magyarul.   Over the past week I have exclusively been working through the Assimil course.  I have managed to get through the first 16 lessons; although they are mostly a review of what I have learned from the other courses.  What is nice about Assimil is each lesson is very short and very manageable.  One is only supposed to do one lesson a day and then move on to the next one.  True, it doesn’t have the degree of drills and intensivity that FSI/DLI have, but I don’t have 90 minutes a day to devote to Hungarian either at this point!  The Assimil dialogues continue to be very entertaining!


De mit csinál a ferjad délután öttól este nyolcig? “

“- Ez maganügy!”

“So what does your husband do every evening from 5 until 8?”

“That’s a private matter!!!”

Ahhh….you gotta love the French!!  🙂


I’m happy to say that I have been listening to several Hungarian podcasts each week and I can actually understand them now!  Again, certainly not every word but definitely more than a few weeks ago.  For the news stories, I can now tell what the story is about  from listening alone without having to read the title.


I also watched an interview in Hungarian from Benny Lewis’ Fluent In 3 Months blog.  I nearly wet myself when I discovered I could understand a good 90% of the interview! ( Ok ,  maybe wet myself is a bit strong… but I was pretty psyched..)


Again,  it is good to have these little confidence rewards when life gets in the way of good, hard studying.


Until next week…  légy boldog



3 thoughts on “Nem áll készen az ősszel!!!

  1. Hey, I know Benny’s campaign, and if you really understood 90% of it, well I have to admit that you can speak and understand hungarian at an impressing level! Good luck with your progress! 🙂

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