Mi ujsag!

Mi ujsag! That’s Hungarian for “what’s up”.  Literally “what’s the news?”. Mi ujsag is such a great saying. mee ewwi-shag. I’ve even been saying it to non-Hungarian speakers just to get a rise out of them.  “Huh?  What did you just say?  You want to what?!?”

I must admit that Hungarian has taken a back seat to…well … life over the past couple of weeks.  Between my birthday, my son’s birthday, a trip to DC and craziness at work, there hasn’t been a ton of time to squeeze in Hungarian.  Oh yeah,  football season just started, so there go my entire Sundays. ( and Monday nights)…

FSI has gotten a bit drole.  I have made it about half way through Unit 8 and I think I need a bit of an FSI break.  The drills have really started to get a bit monotonous.  That coupled with the 1960’s tin-can quality recordings and the dead-pan voices of the instructors have caused me to put the course aside for a bit.  I will rejoin it at some point because it really is a good course, but after a brief hiatus.

In the meantime, I have revisited the DLI course.  It is teaching less hardcore military vocabulary and the tapes are almost like having a real conversation.  This is good because there just aren’t many Hungarian speakers in small-town Maine and I really haven’t been able to suck up the courage to talk with strangers in Hungarian over Skype.  Sadly, I haven’t seen my Hungarian speaking co-worker in a few weeks either.  I know, eventually I’m gonna need to get over it and find some real, live Hungarian speakers to practice with.  Otherwise, my family may have me institutionalized as they witness me constantly pacing about the house, talking to myself in Hungarian!

I also tracked down a copy of the Assimil course, Hungarian With Ease.  I have never used an Assimil course before but many people on the language-geek forums swear by them. So far, I’m fairly impressed.  The lessons are very brief so one could easily get through one a day.  The recordings are entirely in Hungarian, of decent audio quality and quite entertaining to listen to.  Lesson 3, for example, is entitled  Egy Külonos Család , or A Strange Family.  Lesson 4 is Egy Kíváncsi Rendőr or A Curious Policeman. Much more entertaining! The example sentence they give for definite articles is Az ördög a polkolban lakik/ The devil lives in hell. Hah, I can’t imagine FSI using that one!

So this week, Assimil and DLI.  We’ll see how it goes.

Találkozunk jövő héten barátok!


6 thoughts on “Mi ujsag!

  1. Sok szerencsét! Btw, “Barátaim, találkozunk a jövő héten!” is a little bit better, but anyway both of them is understandable. 🙂

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