A Rough Week!

I’ll be the first to admit this week has not been the most productive for Hungarian studying.  Things have been quite busy at work and there were a few social engagements over the week so Hungarian definitely took a back seat.

I managed to start Unit 5 of the FSI course but did nothing with the DLI course.  I’m finally learning some meaningful verbs such as :

ENNI – to eat

MENNI – to go

VENNI – to buy

INNI – to drink…   useful, along with the phrase;

Parancsol egy kis meg barackpálinkát,

Johnson úr? – Would you like some more apricot vodka,

Mr. Johnson?…

VINNI – to bring

JÖNNI –  to come

Hungarian also as 18 or so “cases”; particles that are added onto the ends of words to inflect their meaning.  Unit 5 has given the first two:  ba/be and ban/ben.

Ba/be roughly implies towards or into and ban/ben implies inside or within.  For example, one would say

Autóbuszok járnak a városban: meaning there are buses traveling around in the city, but ;

Autóbuszok járnak a városba : would imply that the buses are going into the city.

Just think, I only have 16 more of these to learn….

The highlight of my week was actually speaking Hungarian with a co-worker of mine.  She grew up in Brooklyn, but both of her parents are from Hungary and she grew up speaking fluent Hungarian.  I felt like it went pretty well.  We only made small talk and chit chat but I could understand most of what she was saying to me and she said I spoke pretty well.   Especially after only three weeks of studying!  She wants to get her husband to try the FSI course!

My biggest handicap at this point is vocabulary.  I’ll keep using Anki at this point and keep trudging along.  Hopefully this week will be a better study week!


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